Payroll in Bedford



The running of a payroll of a business is vital, as it allows you to pay yourself and your employees.

It is vital that your payroll is run correctly, and efficiently, and that your employees are paid correctly and on time.

But the processing of payroll can be time-consuming, and in today’s environment with Auto Enrolment in particular, payroll is becoming a more and more complex area, and penalties for not submitting the correct forms at the correct time can soon add up.

Simas Accounting & Tax offer a payroll solution which is designed and tailor made for your company, whilst ensuring the levels of confidentiality are met and maintained.  Your payroll will be run by our team of experienced and qualified payroll staff.

We offer payroll packages to existing clients, but also offer the service as a standalone service, with costs starting from as little as £19 plus VAT per month for monthly payrolls.

  • Tailored payroll solution to meet your needs
  • Reduce the time, and stress, of processing the payroll
  • Avoid penalties and arrears from mounting
  • Safe and secure – the use of web portals for the business to exchange information and individual portals for your staff to log into and access their documents.
  • Simple charging structure so you keep in control
  • Authorised BACs provider, so we can make the arrange the payments to be made to your staff

Payroll in Bedford

Registration for PAYE

Simas Accounting & Tax can help you to register the business for payroll with HM Revenue & Customs.  We will advise you of what information is required, and help you get the right information from your employees.

Payroll Processing

Simas Accounting & Tax will process your payroll according to the salaries payable, or hours worked by your employees.

We will agree the timeframes by which time we will need to have the information from yourselves, the processing time we require, and will upload your employees payslips to a web-based portal.

Your employees will then log into the portal to view or download the payslips and year end forms, ensuring the data and forms are safe and secure.

You choose the payroll processing intervals

Simas Accounting & Tax can assist you in the preparation of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annual payroll processing, depending on what the business wants.

Starters and leavers

Simas Accounting & Tax have a simple charging structure, which is on a per payslip basis, so you will know the costs when deciding to take on new employees.

We will advise you of the forms and information we require from your new staff.

Auto Enrolment

Simas Accounting & Tax have the knowledge and experience of running payrolls with Auto Enrolment, and will assess the employees as to whether they and the business need to contribute to the pensions or not.


Simas Accounting & will calculate the wages to be paid, making all of the relevent deductions as required.

We will also ensure you adher to the statuory requirments concerning the minimum wage legislation, and  ensure that you pay the right levels of statutory maternity pay and statutory sickness pay, if applicable.

Year End Returns

We do not charge additional amounts for the preparation and submission of the monthly or year end returns – it is all included in your monthly price.

We will submit all of the relevent forms to HM Revenue & Customs as and when they become due and also advise you of the payments you will need to make to them, the pension provider and to your employees.

Payroll Journals to keep your accounting records upto date

We will send you the payroll journals to be posted to your acounting system, ensuring your bookkeeping is kept upto date.

Payment of salaries to Employees

As an authorised BACs provider, we can arrange for the payments to your employees to be made directly with your bank.

Assistance and Advice

We offer our payroll clients an advice line, where specific payroll queries can be dealt with.  We operate a fair usage policy in this, and this is included in our monthly fees.




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