Platinum Pro Advisor

Simas Accounting & Tax are now Platinum Pro Advisors for QuickBooks!!

At Simas Accounting & Tax, we champion a range of cloud accounting software packages, with the view that one size does not always fit all clients. In addition to this philosophy, we also champion people who strive to be experts within their field. The news that Simas had achieved Platinum Pro Advisor status was therefore met with great pride and respect.

How Do Our Clients Benefit?

  • Subject knowledge – an accountant does not have to be part of the Pro Advisor scheme to sell and use QuickBooks. But we have chosen to be Pro Advisors so that our team have a greater understanding of QuickBooks, and so that our clients then have a deeper understanding of the software and its capabilities.  We don’t just use Quickbooks – we know QuickBooks, and are experts in it.  This means we can help you get the full potential out of the software.
  • Seamless switch – you will have access to the migration service that we offer, which will ensure you switch from your current system to QuickBooks seamlessly. Clients are quickly given the peace of mind this element of the process is completed efficiently and professionally.
  • Dedicated account manager – our staff have passed rigorous certified certification courses in order to qualify as dedicated account managers. With that comes a suite of business improvement tools and strategies, safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with experts.
  • Business guru  the ultimate goal of most business owners is having a deeper understanding of their business and a detailed knowledge of what lies ‘behind the numbers’. This will be greatly helped by using QuickBooks in conjunction with Simas Accounting & Tax.
  • Bespoke training – our clients have access to special QuickBooks training now we have become Platinum Pro Advisors. This onsite training is for clients who have just started using QuickBooks AND for those who have been using QuickBooks for a while and would like to get the most out of the software. Our friendly personable team will help you and your staff get the most out of QuickBooks.
  • Easy to find – the QuickBooks team have created a ‘Find A Pro Advisor’ page, where potential clients can complete a quick search to find out which accountants near to them have the Pro Advisor status and what level they are.  Find us on the page here.

How Do We Benefit?

  • Standing out – having additional credentials allows both current and potential clients, partners and companies to compare Simas with other accountants in Bedfordshire and the UK. We like to stand out… for the right reasons obviously.
  • Bat phone – well sort of.  We have been promoted to ‘priority status’ within the QuickBooks team. If we have an enquiry regarding a more complex issue (which we can not deal with ourselves) QuickBooks will provide us with the answers much more quickly.  However, we have not had to use this facility (yet…!).
  • Additional value – Simas can cater for clients who demand additional value-added services from their accountant, now we have the Platinum badge.  We can offer you more than just bookkeeping software – we can add value to your busienss and help you streamline your systems.
  • Recognises strengths – in any team it is important to recognise and celebrate everyone’s strengths and what they offer the group. At Simas this is done in a variety of ways, one being part of the Pro Advisor Programme. We work hard to provide clients top level advice, and the Platinum badge recognises this.
  • Celebrates growth – part of the tiered advisor program is related to gaining points. And yes, points mean prizes. In this case a Platinum Pro Advisor badge! One way of accruing points is around the number of clients a firm has, and how many it works with. By working your way up the tiers, you are demonstrating that your firm is growing and becoming more successful.  And you only grow if you are good at what you do.
  • Acknowledges commitment – potentially the most important element of the Pro Advisor program is the training. When members of our team move through the tiers, it is due to their commitment to additional training and coursework.  This is all to help you as clients.

Next Steps

Whether you are new to QuickBooks or have an experience of it, do get in touch to see how we can help you get the most out of the software. We may be able to recommend some useful apps and add ons to help you get more out of the software.

Start to truly understand what is ‘behind the numbers’ in your business today.  Start to increase your profitability today. Make that call to the experts today.

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