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Xero Certified Advisors

Simas Accounting & Tax are pleased to announce that they have become Certified Xero Advisors.

The recognition by Xero of their knowledge of the software is welcomed.

So what is Xero and Cloud Software?

In essence Xero is a bookkeeping software, accessed through the internet.

Whilst this is not on the face of it revolutionary, the platform has its advantages.

No more installations or updates

The software does not need to be installed on any hardware from you – it is stored in the cloud. Your data is also stored there also.  The advantage to this is that there is no need to install the software yourself, nor install updates.  This means that there is no downtime, and no risk of corruption of your data. So a big plus point.

No more backups

The data is stored in the cloud, and is backed up by the software company. This means there is no need to backup the data yourself. So another plus point.


The software is secure and password protected.  There is also the option of 2 stage identification, which essentially means that an access codes is sent to your mobile for an added layer of security.

Use of modern technology

The technology is relatively new, and has been designed from scratch with modern technology and practices in mind.

For example, the majority of banks provide online access to accounts.  Cloud software has been designed to use this function, and downloads the transactions directly from the online portal.  This means you do not have to key in all of the transactions, but instead match them.  This saves a lot of time, together with eliminating errors in the user inputting the data.

Other technological advances used by cloud software is the ability of software to read scanned images, rather than just see them as pictures.  ReceiptBank uses this capability, allowing you to take a photo or scan of an invoice, and the software will process and analyse the invoice for you.  This saves a large amount of time for the data entry again.

Real time access from anywhere

The software can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a mobile phone signal, or an internet connection.  Sales invoices can therefore be raised at a customer’s offices or premises, and the bookkeeping can be done from anywhere.

Real time access for the accountant

The accountant has access on a real-time basis, meaning that advice and information can be based on the most up to date information.  Any problems or issues with your bookkeeping can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, rather than having to send over backups by email or post.

Ready for Digital Tax

The software is ready to meet your upcoming requirements for digital submissions.  This means that you will be able to continue to meet your own responsibilities, without having to use external advisors.


If you would like to know further information on Xero, or Cloud accounting in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Xero on laptop