Transparent fees

About our fees

Transparent Fees

At Simas Accounting & Tax, we are keen to be transparent and open about our fees.

We want to provide you with a value for money service, whilst avoiding you receiving large and unexpected fees.

Simas Accounting & Tax will provide you with a clearly written scope of work to be undertaken. We factor in all of the costs expected for the work, and will provide you with a cap to the fees for the work to be done.

Our fees will not exceed this amount.

But if our initial estimate of the work involved was overstated, we will only charge you the actual cost incurred – so if it is lower, you will pay less.

Certainty of Fees

This therefore gives you the certainty of the maximum you will pay for the work. It also allows you to benefit if we complete the work more efficiently.

Monthly Payments

We offer clients monthly payments by direct debit which lets clients spread the cost of the fees over the year.  This is with the peace of mind of the direct debit guarantee, so you have the reassurance of the transparency this provides.

With monthly payments, we invoice you as we undertake the work.  If at the end of the cycle you have paid more than the invoices, we will either repay you the amount overpaid, or the balance will go towards lowering your next year’s monthly amounts.

No Surprises

We are all to aware that often our fees are accompanied by an imminent tax bill.  We aim to ensure that you are aware of the likely tax liabilities well in advance of their due date.  This allows you to plan your finances accordingly.  By offering the capped fees, you are fully aware well in advance of the accountancy costs which are likely to arise.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scammers Pretending To Be HMRC

Did you know that scammers are now using number spoofing to make your phone display ‘HMRC’ as the sender, instead of a phone number?
Phishing emails are now looking much more official by using the name of a genuine HMRC employee.


Sole Trader or a Limited Company?

Written by Helen Tomlinson

Decisions, decisions.
At Simas we look at your individual circumstances, goals and aspirations. Our client centred approach means you will get the best advice for you.



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