What is the process of changing accountants?

Time for a change?

Changing accountants is much easier than you think.

It is akin to changing bank accounts – the perception is that you are tied in, and changing accountants would be a nightmare.

However, this is simply not true.

Step one – agree what you want to transfer to us

At Simas Accounting and Tax, we make the process easy.

We will discuss with you, at a no obligation and free meeting, how we can help you and your accounting and / or tax affairs.  We will then provide you with  the table of services which you would like us to undertake.

You do not need to transfer all of the services to us – for example you may wish the old accountants to finish the payroll processing until the end of the tax year.  This is not a problem – the transfer of services can be in a stages, all at once, or some services could remain with your old advisors – it is up to you.

Changes to the table of services can be made at any stage during our engagement.

We provide you with a tailor made package that is just right for you and your needs. We will also provide you with a capped fee for the work.

This means that you will have peace of mind that the costs will not escalate out of your control.

Step two – advise the old accountants of your decision

You will need to write, email or call your old advisors telling them that you propose to transfer your affairs to us.  We can supply you with a template for the wording if you so wish.

Step 3 – we need to gain Professional Clearance

As part of the ICAEW, we will need to seek clearance from your previous advisors.  When doing this, we also request information from them about prior years.  This can take up to 28 days to come through, but clearance is often achieved in just a few days.

Also as part of our responsibilities, we need to confirm who you are.  This is done by seeing a copy of your passport, or driving licence. We will also need to see  a copy of a household bill with your home or business address on it.

Step 4 – Agree formally the scope of our work that you want us to undertake

We will then issue you with an engagement letter for you to sign.  This  details what we are responsible for, and what we expect from yourselves as clients.

Step 5 – Advise HMRC of the change in your agents

If we are providing you with taxation services, we will send you a completed HMRC form 64-8.

You will need to  check and sign the form, returning it to us.

This forms allows us to discuss and deal with your taxation affairs directly with HMRC, taking the hassles away from you.

You will receive copies of the letters we receive, and so you will still be aware of what is going on.

That’s it!

We can then complete the work on your behalf.



For more information or if you would like to discuss the process further, please contact us.

Otherwise, why not have a browse of our the services we offer?


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