Website launched!

Our website is now up and running, after much investment and hard work.  It can be found at

Simas Accounting & Tax would like to thank all those involved in the creation, and we are very pleased with the end result:

The importance of a website

Websites have become a fundamental requirement of a business in today’s age.  It has overtaken the “shop window” and has become the core of marketing activities for any business.

The website, as with all marketing you undertake, needs to reflect your business.  We have chosen a clean design.  This reflects our own ethos, of being informative but clear too.

As most people are aware, the world of Search Engine Optimisation is a complex world, with Google mainly dictating the way in what sites should look like, and the content it should have.

Email addresses

The other important consideration is your email address, particularly as these will tie in with your website.

In our opinion, your business email should have the same domain as your website – this will help drive traffic to the site, and therefore uplift the Google rankings. This may be an additional cost to the business, but will be worth it!

Your emails should also try to drive traffic to your site.  Your signatory should include your logo, and also link to the website too by way of a hyperlink.  This all helps in those ever important Google rankings.

If you are thinking of creating websites of your own, please feel free to contact us, in order that we can highlight the key areas you should be aware of, or connect you with people who are experts in this field.  Please do email or contact us if you are in the process of designing your own websites.

We hope you like the website, and welcome you to share on LinkedIn or Facebook.

And please do feel free to share this page too!


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