Our philosophy

Clear and simple.

Our practice was set up with the future in mind and with a clear philosophy from the outset.Simon Mason

Simon Mason, the founder of Simas Accounting & Tax, created an accountancy firm which took the best parts of the previous practices he had gained experience in, whilst additionally taking advantage of the recent technological advances that have occurred, and will continue to occur, in the near future.

We do not want to follow the traditional firm’s models and viewpoints, where clients become merely client codes and fees. Instead, we have created a firm which developed partnerships with clients, and ultimately aids them in being successful.

Simas Accounting & Tax

As a result,  Simas Accounting & Tax was formed.  We are a firm which ultimately listens to our clients and help them achieve their goals, and have their best interests at heart, whilst ensuring that they remain fully compliant. Our advice is pro-active , and moreover we ensure that our clients comply with the regulations they need to.

His forward thinking and his business model were developed over the 20 years of experience within the accounting industry.  Furthermore, we have our clients’ best interests in our heart.

Able to adapt and advise on changes.

With various changes happening in the near future – changes to the accounting framework for businesses, making tax digital and the constant improvements in technology (and in particularly Cloud technology), Simas Accounting & Tax will be here to assist and advise you through these changes.

We are proud of the firm that we have built, and the philosophy on which it is founded. And ultimately, we are looking forward to the future!



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