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Wave Goodbye to Payroll

We all know how stressful the payroll run can be. Have you ever thought about delegating this element of your business to someone else? Outsourcing it to Simas Payroll for example?

We cover companies within the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. Many of our London based clients use Simas Payroll services.

We have an excellent group of accountants who are not only qualified, but very experienced and a group full of welcoming and friendly individuals. They take pride in their work which eliminates. So why not take the burden off yourselves and outsource your payroll to Simas.

This would;

Save time and money

Allow your team to prioritise other tasks

Who needs Payroll services?

If you pay yourself or employees, payroll services are a necessity. According to an article from Payevo, it is commonly believed that companies need at least five employees to justify payroll services, but annual revenues, earnings and the number of employees have nothing to do with the need of payroll services.

Here is a list of who can potentially need payroll services:


Solopreneur is when a person runs a business on their own and they are the only employee at that company. Solopreneur may need payrolling services as there are many tax regulations that they would need to abide by, which would therefore mean that all documents would need to be in check.

It could potentially involve:

Calculating complicated payroll taxes, trying to make time to go to the bank and make withdrawals and making sure that everything is right, to prevent any fines.

Anyone who runs a business and needs to pay their employees:

If a business consists of employees, they will need to be paid, so you could imagine that there are tax regulations but dealing with more employees so you could argue that payroll is something that is a necessity rather than something to consider.

Why is it so important to get payroll right?

Accurate payroll helps improve employee satisfaction:

Employees who are satisfied and happy are more motivated and would have higher efficiency, as well as higher productivity. Allowing us to do your payroll, we will offer an efficient system that is accurate and can help you maintain a good relationship between your employees. When employees are paid on time and accurately, they feel more appreciated and respected, which ultimately leads to a positive working environment and higher output.

Getting this vital aspect of your business correct for all employees is major. It is their main source of income. A mistake in payroll can have a significant effect on people’s lives as it can have a major effect on their way to cover their monthly expenses and could alter their way of trying to support their families.

Accurate payroll also increases trust within your employees and gives them confidence.


Why Outsource to Simas Payroll?

It can be tough and time consuming:

As a business owner, you would have a lot on in terms of tasks, whether it is identifying ways to grow your business, or figuring out ways to keep your head afloat, so the thought of payrolling can be quite stressful and even overwhelming at times. Usually when running payroll, it can take up anything between 2 hours to a full day. It can be long as it requires for you to chase documents from employees, manually entering in calculations and then double checking everything.

One mistake can cost thousands:

One simple payroll mistakes or late filing can cost thousands in penalties. By allowing us to do your payroll, not only does it take away the weight off your shoulders but also a feeling of peace as there is no stress.


Call today to discuss how quick and easy the whole process is.


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