We Have Been ‘Handpicked’!


Simas Accounting & Tax are pleased to announce that they have partnered with Handpicked Accountants. A new service designed to help small business owners choose an accountant that’s right for them.

We understand that choosing the right accountant is an important decision for businesses. So how do they choose the one which is the right match for themselves? There are approximately 320,000 accountants and accountancy firms registered in the UK. How do you know where to start?

Handpicked Accountants is a new service that has been designed to take the lottery out of small business owners, company directors, sole traders and private individuals finding their perfect accountant. It features an easy to use online directory or personalised accountant matching service. The real difference to other directory sites is that each accountant featured on Handpicked Accountants has been thoroughly vetted prior to inclusion.

This means that rather than simply choosing at random, businesses can contact Handpicked Accountants to provide them with respected accountants, guaranteed to provide exceptionally high levels of professional and customer focused service.

A good accountant will be able to meet your business and/or personal requirements regardless of complexity. They’ll be more than an old fashioned ‘bean counter’ or ‘number cruncher’; instead providing critical advice and guidance to help your business grow whilst meeting all of its tax obligations in the most efficient way possible.

Whether you require specialist accountancy and bookkeeping services, audit services, corporate finance, corporate tax, financial planning, insolvency services, payroll services, personal tax, tax return services and any other lines of enquiry, Handpicked Accountants can help you find that perfect match.

Throughout our network  of reputable, qualified accountants, you’ll be able to select based on your preferred criteria; such as a within a ten-mile radius or an accountant with specific auditing skills.

And we are delighted to announce that Simas Accounting & Tax have been approved by Handpicked Accountants.

To see how Simas Accounting & Tax can help you or your business grow, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And to our existing clients – although we have been vetted and verified as reliable accountants, there is nothing like personal experience – if you have the time, feel free to put in a testimonial to our listing on yell.com, google plus or Facebook pages!